Sunday, April 22, 2012

German Flying Wing

Have you seen the sketches of the Horten HO229? The flying wing that Captain America took from Red Skull in his 2011 film is based on the concept. However, what was interesting to me, was that it was designed to be one pilot, yet a strategic bomber. An odd combination, but I think I know what it was designed for.

Germany assumed that crossing over the Urals for bombing missions was unfeasible. You would need long-range, expensive aircraft. They would have to have trained crews capable of operating for hours going over vast wilderness, only to arrive on target for bombing of industrial centers strewn out across Siberia. At the same time, the Soviet Union had moved numerous MIG fighter craft into Siberia. The MIG was unreliable at ceilings below 5000 feet, but excelled at interception, especially of high flying aircraft like said bomber. During Operation Barbarossa, most of the fighting happened under 5000 feet.

Thus, with temporary landing fields set out all across Siberia, its very possible that Russian Airpower might have taken a heavy toll on Nazi strategic bombers. I think this aircraft would have been the perfect answer to that. A single man, super-sonic aircraft that sped over the vast Siberian wilderness, a small flight of these could really terrorize a Soviet Industrial Center, then retreat whence they came.


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